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I have been a Deputy Probation Officer for a little over 9 years. The stories here are actual things that either myself or my co-workers heard, saw, or experienced. Enjoy... and be sure to check the archives! OR submit your story in a comment section below one of the entries.. it really does not matter which section. See the 'Got stories' directions on the right side of the blog.


County Jail Lord's Prayer

This is a copy of a jailhouse Lord's Prayer that was being passed around the Mendocino County Jail... female side. A guard found a bunch of the ladies sitting around reading it and asked about it. One of the inmates kindly obliged and made a copy for the guard. Who knows who actually wrote it... it has been passed around quite a bit I am sure... I left the spelling as is. Enjoy:

"The New Lord's Prayer"
The County is my shepherd I shall not want.
He maketh me lie down in a jail cell and leads me to the still yard.
He givith me my toilet paper; He guides me through the paths of county jail, for his jobs sake.

Yeah, though I shuffle through the hallways of the courthouse,
I fear no judge, for thou transports me.
Thine bars and thy staff, they confine me.
Thou turns on the TV in the presence of my cellmates,
thou alloweth my visitors and brings me my mail.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow when the bondsman brings bail and I don't have to dwell in the county's house forever.


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