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I have been a Deputy Probation Officer for a little over 9 years. The stories here are actual things that either myself or my co-workers heard, saw, or experienced. Enjoy... and be sure to check the archives! OR submit your story in a comment section below one of the entries.. it really does not matter which section. See the 'Got stories' directions on the right side of the blog.


If their mouths are movin...

1. During an interview for a PSI the DPO noted that the defendant had a prior conviction for a Gross Vehicular Manslaughter, has multiple charges for Driving on a Suspended License, and was now facing sentencing for a new DUI conviction. The DPO pointed this out to the defendant and said, "your prior record is terrible." The defendant looked amazed, nodded his head in agreement and said, "ain't that somethin?"

2. During interviews for PSI defendants are asked to identify their race. Many, many defendant's when asked if they are Caucasian, look confused and say , "no, I am white."

3. Another standard question concerns their leisure time activities/or hobbies. One defendant candidly reported that he liked to spend his leisure time "fucking."

4. A defendant was convicted of Felony Evading, etc. He had been chased from Humboldt County to Mendocino County avoiding spike strips and traveling at speeds ranging up to 105 mph. When the CHP officer finally caught up with the defendant she asked him what he was doing and told him he how fast he was going... the defendant (he was not intending to be a smart alec) was surprised and asked, "...is that all?" During interview with DPO, the DPO said, "well, you sure led the officers on quite a long ride, all the way from Humboldt into Mendo."
The defendant grinned and said proudly, "yeah pretty good, eh?" He later stated in inteview he wanted to be a race car driver.

5. As you may know, 18 years of age is (usually) the minimum age for adult court. There was a very young looking man in the in custody seating area in the courtroom. The judge called the matter and apparently the case involved the defendant becoming intoxicated and smashing out a window of a local business and being a general nuisance. The Court, in a gruff voice thinking he was going to make an impression on an 18 year old said... "young man how old are you!". The defendant replied, "21 years old your honor."... The just was just a bit taken back because the defendant was the legal age to consume alcohol.. however the Judge recovered and said, "young man, I think you better lay off the sauce until you can handle it."

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