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I have been a Deputy Probation Officer for a little over 9 years. The stories here are actual things that either myself or my co-workers heard, saw, or experienced. Enjoy... and be sure to check the archives! OR submit your story in a comment section below one of the entries.. it really does not matter which section. See the 'Got stories' directions on the right side of the blog.


7 years to think about it... A Parole story

A parolee appears for his weekly UA testing at a local Police Department. The testing takes place in the 'secure' holding area. The Parole Agent observes the parolee attempting to beat the test by concealing a bottle of clean urine in his pants. The parolee is placed under arrest told to remove his shoes and belt. He then provides his own UA sample. The parolee then decides not to stick around. He runs at the 'secure' door, pops it open with his shoulder, and escapes. He was caught several weeks later.

At sentencing, he received 7 years. 3 years for the Escape that was then doubled because he had a prior serious/violent felony. Then you must add on a 1 year enhancement for a prior prison term.

Oh yes... and in case you were curious... the sample he provided to his Parole Agent prior to his escape? It tested clean. Now thats felony stupid!

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